Knock-Knock Released and Trailer

A hybrid of Lode Runner, Home Alone and Nightmare Ned
Developed and published by Ice-Pick Lodge, Knock-Knock is an imitation of playing hide-and-seek with nightmare creatures. There is an unusual house standing in the depth of the forest. It served as a laboratory and a home to three generations of Caretakers. The last Caretaker has recently started noticing frightening changes in the familiar background as certain things fall down, and noises and grating sounds come from somewhere. Something strange is coming from the forest. During the night it even seems that someone makes himself at home in the shadows of the rooms, attics and basements.
You must keep (your avatar) away from the night visitors. The objective of each new night is to hold out until dawn and stay sane. The Night (a level) lasts for 7-10 minutes each. Only illuminated rooms are a safe haven and allow freedom of movement. But the light does not last for long and needs permanent supervision. The more breaches there are in the house, the more fear, darkness and creatures of the sick mind the hero has to withstand.
Each night a number of useful tools appear in different rooms. The player builds his very own house: any combination of rooms, stairs and doors are allowed. Any new room would increase the total amount of health and safety of the hero and open up new opportunities.
Knock-Knock is now available via Steam - a gameplay movie has been added in our download area.