MOBA-like Features Removed from Dungeon Defenders II and Screens/Trailer

Revitalized development drops MOBA-like features, focuses on creating a familiar and worthy successor to the original tower defense hit
Trendy Entertainment sent over a press release announcing the MOBA-elements have been removed from Dungeon Defenders II, the sequel to the popular tower-defense role-playing game, Dungeon Defenders. The development team now focuses on action tower defense genre elements.
In Dungeon Defenders II, the land of Etheria has been invaded by the Old Ones and players must rally, alone or with friends, against the invasion. The game features brand new combat and tower placement systems that synchronize the roleplaying, action, and tower defense elements of the first game for more visceral and strategic gameplay. New defense and ability interactions make for exciting, emergent gameplay and new environmental traps increase variety and strategic planning throughout each level in the game. The development team is also working on a completely new mission structure and content release strategy which will revolve around the way the community wants to play.
A pre-alpha build of the game will be playable at this year's New York Comic Con, booth #556 - three screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.