DUST 514 1.5 Update Released

Uprising 1.5 focuses on new and expanded Corporation Roles as well as a revised New Player Experience and the all-new Squad Finder
CCP Games today issued a new update for DUST 514, their hybrid MMO/FPS set within the EVE universe. Initial tutorials have been completely revised, now following a task-driven structure that rewards players for demonstrating proficiency in joining battles, creating fittings and training skills. Rewards are granted in the form of militia dropsuits, vehicles, weapons and modules.
In addition, Squads are designed to help get players grouped up and battling together in DUST 514. The new Squad Finder will list all available squads that are not yet deployed into battle and are waiting on new players to join them.
Moreover, Corporation CEOs and directors can now distribute specific roles to other members within the corporation. The roles that can be assigned are: Accountant, Personnel Director, Terrestrial Combat Officer and Terrestrial Logistics Officer.
In related news, veteran game producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon has been hired as the executive producer of the game. Gaudechon will drive future development of the persistent-world first-person shooter DUST 514 at CCP's Shanghai studio.