Galaxy on Fire - Alliances Closed Beta Extended and Screens

With more than 30 people working on the title since mid-2012, Galaxy on Fire - Alliances is Fishlabs‘ biggest project to date
To make sure that both the user feedback and the internal feature list will find the recognition they deserve, Fishlabs Entertainment has decided to expand the Closed Beta phase of Galaxy on Fire - Alliances and postpone the subsequent Open Beta to November 2013. The official launch of the iOS version will take place in the first quarter of 2014 and an Android porting will follow later on.
The latest beta version of Galaxy on Fire - Alliances does not only contain a number of minor bugfixes, but also a wide range of major enhancements, including redesigns of various menus, easier access to the inventory and an improved overview of the players' stocked resources and stationed fleets as well as more detailed presentations of the carrier data and player skills. And last but not least, the new update has also added server-wide leader boards for Player Progress, Alliance Size and Alliance Warfare.
Five fresh visuals found their way in our gallery.