Extraction Closed Beta Begins

Extraction combines tactical gameplay, fast-paced action and an ever-expanding roster of playable characters
The closed beta testing of Extraction, a Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MOFPS) developed by Splash Damage and previously known as Dirty Bomb, is now underway, Nexon America announced. In Extraction, players can choose from dozens of unique roles with different playing styles and abilities, and fight in teams to defeat their opponents by defending or attacking key objectives. Set in evacuated London following a mysterious radiological attack, elite squads of mercenaries secretly unite in the city's abandoned streets to extract the valuable information left behind.
Extraction's closed beta will give players the opportunity to experience the game's Objective, Stopwatch and Execution modes across several different areas of London. Players will be able to unlock a variety of Mercs, allowing them to approach Extraction's closed beta battles in different ways. In addition to testing, closed beta participants will also be able to provide feedback to the development team. ECHO, a powerful analytics and telemetry system utilized during the game's alpha period, will also be employed during the closed beta to help ensure a fair and balanced playing field.