Ace of Spades: Battle Builder Launched

Players who have previously purchased Ace of Spades will receive the Battle Builder content, including the St Valentine's Day Massacre DLC, for free
Jagex has announced that Battle Builder, the latest installment of their creative shooter Ace of Spades, is now live. The game provides players with a range of map and level design tools, allowing up to 24 players to work together to rapidly create fully customisable maps. Players can also share completed maps with other members of the Ace of Spades: Battle Builder community over the Steam Workshop.
Maps can be built on one of nine templates based on themes including urban; mountain; lunar; grassland; and temple, before being populated by similarly themed prefabs. Using these structures, such as mountains, trees and ruined buildings, allow players to quickly craft a wide variety of battle maps. Further customisation is on offer through tools that provide players with the power to individually carve out blocks and paint objects - or the entire map - in an array of colours.
In addition to the map editor, Battle Builder includes the previously released downloadable content, St. Valentine's Day Massacre, featuring Multi-Hill and VIP game modes.