Heva Clonia Online Open Beta Test Begins

Not your average MMORPG- action-packed, fantasy adventure with Monster Collecting & Mini-Games
OGPlanet and WindySoft have announced the start of the open beta test for Heva Clonia Online, a casual 3D adventure MMORPG developed by Play Busters. In the game, players can collect cute and unique pets by cloning the in-game monsters they come across throughout their adventure. Pets become vital allies when battling the powerful monsters met along the path or when testing skills against other players in the Main Arena. Players can choose their class, evolve powers, master skills and visit various towns and worlds all while making new friends along the way.
To celebrate the start of the Open Beta Test, Heva Clonia Online will be hosting multiple Halloween themed in-game events, giving players the chance to win various prizes to help them on their adventure. These upcoming events include a Kill Monster & Earn Items Event, Halloween Attendance Event, and a Halloween Bingo Event. Players can also these prizes to trade for new clones, avatars and other rare in-game items.
Also, after the Open Beta Test concludes, all player progress and items will carry over into the game's full launch, which OGPlanet hopes to start soon after, giving OBT players a significant head start in the game.