Hollow Kickstarter Campaign Launched and Demo Available

Hollow is a horror-themed Adventure/RPG with turn-based combat, big decisions, and sleuthing
Developed by Spot On J2K, Hollow is a horror-themed adventure/RPG hybrid with an emphasis on the surreal and unknown. In Hollow, you are a city detective who has transferred to the nearly abandoned rural town of Hollow where some of the worst criminals have mysteriously escaped. It will be up to you and whoever will help to use whatever you have at your disposal to figure out what has happened. Guns, magic, computer hacking, investigation tools, surreal puzzles, and major decision making will factor into whether or not you will succeed.
Hollow utilizes features found in games like Shadowrun, Fallout, and Shining Force such as a party system, stat-based dialogue, and turn-based combat. The game aims to be accessible to people who are not familiar with RPGs, but deep enough to satisfy role-playing veterans.
Its Kickstarter campaign page is located here - a playable demo is locally mirrored.
Hollow Demo (6.05MB)