Grand Voyage Announced

New trading MMORPG setting sail soon on the online games portal
NGames has unveiled the development of Grand Voyage, a brand new historical trading web MMORPG set in the European age of sail and discovery. Grand Voyage takes players back to the late-Renaissance 16th century, when the Mediterranean, North Sea, and the Baltic coast were primed to become well developed maritime transport and trade ports. From anonymous small time captains to legendary voyagers, players work their way up the ranks to become captains of their own fleets, earning silver and prestige as they sail from port to port trading high demand goods for massive profits.
A fast ticking stock-style trading system means gameplay changes and evolves dynamically based on player actions. Prices of all goods are dictated by trading activities if everybody buys the same goods, the price of those goods will soar. Grand Voyage's trade prices are updated every 30 seconds, making intricate planning and exceptional timing an essential part of successful buy-low, sell-high trading.