Life Is Feudal Revealed and Screens

Hardcore PC MMORPG aims to take sandbox genre to the next level
Unveiling these screenshots, Bitbox has announced that Life Is Feudal, a sandbox MMORPG set in a realistic medieval fictional world is scheduled for worldwide release on PC in 2015. Because Life Is Feudal is an open persistent virtual world, players can roam around freely without restrictions. Its terraforming abilities allow you to shape the terrain organized in a unique grid-pattern. This means that players can not only raise, lower and flatten terrain, but also dig tunnels and underground caverns. Buildings can be predefined or modular, and can freely be constructed and placed anywhere within reasonable limitations. Predefined buildings are ready for placement and available through a menu, while modular buildings offer greater control as elements such as walls must be placed prior to construction.
Siege and battle events decide which faction gains or remains control of territory and resource veins, and players looking to invade or conquer a kingdom must issue a challenge to opposing players. Combat can be experienced in either 1st or 3rd person view, and uses a no target combat system. There is no lock-on, and players must carry out individual actions such as swing, stab and block, for example. Physics come into play as well, as does the quickness of the attacker and defender. A swift use of a sword at a high velocity causes extensive damage, and when players die, loss of skill occurs by an alignment factor at random.