Proteus PS3/PS Vita Versions Dated

PC indie title explores new frontiers on Sony consoles next week
Previously released for PC, Proteus will arrive on PS3 and PlayStation Vita via PlayStation Network on October 29th (North America) and October 30th (Europe and Australia), Curve Studios announced. Proteus is a game all about discovery where players wonder a randomly generated, dreamlike island world, where the soundtrack is determined by the objects you discover while exploring.
On the PS Vita version of the game, Proteus can generate an island based on your geographical location, and on the PlayStation 3, you can generate islands based on the current date. Islands generated in this fashion will be the same for anyone in the same location or on the same day, and will also be more 'wild' than regular islands in the game, featuring various twists on the original's islands and shifting, surreal colour palettes.
Players can also use the back-touch screen to gently affect the world around them, changing the island in subtle ways and remixing the colours of the world.