A-Men 2 Coming This November and Screens/Trailer

A throwback to the old-school era when arcade games were designed to test a players skills and reflexes to the limit
A-Men 2, an arcade platform shooter developed by Bloober Team, is set to arrive via PlayStation Network for PS3 and PlayStation Vita this November. Players take on the role of the elite A-Men, a Special Forces unit with a variety of skills and abilities, as they travel across the world on a mission to take down the lethal A-Droids, renegade robots that have escaped from the factories of A-Corp, the world’s biggest producer of robot soldiers, before they cause untold chaos and destruction.
Featuring 44 stages across four new worlds, A-Men 2 is the ultimate test of skill, tactical prowess and high-score expertise. Six screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.