Alea Jacta Est - Parthian Wars Released

Parthian Wars is an expansion to Alea Jacta Est and requires Alea Jacta Est
Developed by Ageod, Parthian Wars is a turn based regional game with an emphasis on playability and historical accuracy. This Alea Jacta Est expansion features a map which covers the entire ancient Middle East, from Byzantium to the wild mountains of Persia and the Caucasus in the north, and the Arabian deserts and Persian Gulf in the south.
Alea Jacta Est - Parthian Wars places you in command of Rome or their Eastern nemesis, the Parthians (from 53BC to 197AD). You play the part of the military and political leadership, guiding your nation to victory, through some of the toughest conflicts of the Ancient world, represented by 5 challenging scenarios.
Six screenshots found their way in our gallery.