Super Roman Conquest Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Screens/Trailer

A mix of Total War and FTL wrapped in a 16-bit side-scrolling package
Developed by Seacliff Interactive for PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya, Super Roman Conquest is a side scrolling strategy game that allows you command units through a multi-layered 3D landscape in the setting of ancient Rome. It has historical soldiers and unique battlefields all rendered in a classic pixel art style.
One feature that makes SRC unique is the complete control you will have over your legion. Each unit can be ordered individually, or you can select multiple units and issue squad orders. Give specific movement orders to your troops, send them to attack or fire arrows, and utilize special abilities - Engineers can construct helpful tools, Doctors can heal, and more.
Units also have the ability to travel deeper into the battlefield, allowing you to utilize all three dimensions of the world. This allows you to use familiar RTS tactics -- set up ambushes, distract and flank enemies, or tactically retreat to fight another day.
Its Kickstarter campaign page is located here - six screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.