Trials of Ascension Kickstarter Campaign Launched

The campaign seeks to raise $750,000 dollars to fund completion of the game
Forged Chaos has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Trials of Ascension, a fantasy sandbox title due to go live in July of 2015. Funding will facilitate the hiring of additional staff and the purchase of equipment necessary to produce the game.
Set in the dangerous and mysterious fantasy world of TerVarus, Trials of Ascension gives players the tools to rebuild the world from scratch as mankind recovers from the devastation invoked by the spider-like Raknar race. Players will construct and govern settlements, craft innumerable items, explore the untamed wilderness, and do battle for lord and land, or alternately for greed and bloodlust.
Players drive the game's story through their actions, but Game Masters will be active in a way rarely seen in modern MMOs, engaging players through events, taking control of NPCs, and employing the game client's dynamic spawning system to manipulate TerVarus's flora, fauna, and special encounters.