Guncraft Halloween Update Launched and Trailer

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Releasing a new Guncraft video, Exato Game Studios has announced that a major Halloween update featuring Paranoia Mode is now available. Along with this Zombie Queen mode, the free update will include major features requested by the community members to further increase the already high level of customization and inspire even more imaginative user-created Guncraft content.
The Paranoia Mode spawns "Zombie Queens" who remain veiled as humans until they strike. At the start, one player is secretly selected as the Zombie Queen; they appear to be a normal Guncraft soldier but now they have the power to turn any human they kill into zombies with enhanced speed and jumping abilities. The Queens must turn all humans into zombies before the humans revolt to kill them and their minions. Humans must band together, survive the swift zombie horde attacks, and use special abilities to identify the Zombie Queen.