Guild Wars 2 Tower of Nightmares Update Launched and Screens

ArenaNet is maintaining a two-week major release schedule for Guild Wars 2
Unveiling these screenshots, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have announced that Tower of Nightmares, the latest content update for Guild Wars 2, is now live. In addition to several Halloween-themed events, the update features several new features and rewards.
In Tower of Nightmares, players will find new trouble brewing in the ever-changing world of Tyria - a menace with dark ties to previous storylines. Working in secret, the sinister reptilian krait has created the Tower of Nightmares, a weapon unlike anything ever seen in Tyria. Players will join forces to discover the secret to attacking the Tower and uncover clues as to the identity of the kraitís mysterious new ally.
This update introduces new rewards like the Antitoxin Spray, a new universal healing skill that allows any player to cleanse themselves and nearby allies of poison, toxins, and other nasty effects. Players who prevail against the krait and complete the Tower of Nightmares meta achievement will earn a Krait Obelisk Shard, a powerful artefact that players can erect in their home instance.