Tower of Tiestru Demo Released

Use the power of Block, Frost, Prism, Teleport, Lightning and Generator crystals to protect your core
Developed by Warlock Arts for PC and Mac, Tower of Tiestru is a unique 3D tower defense and strategy game in which you are able to build the structure of your choice by using cubic crystals. The world is dominated by the darkness and as a sorcerer you must save the world by bringing the Crystal of Light to the tower of Tiestru. When the crystal of light is brought to the top level of the tower the world will see the daylight anew.
The tower is composed of 25 different levels. In order to pass to the next level you must protect the Crystal of Light, the core, from the orcs attacks. For that you will have to use the power of six different crystals. You can combine and superpose these cubic crystals as you want and obtain interesting constructions depending on your strategy and your imagination. By connecting crystals to the core you can transfer power from the core. The powered crystals will have increased abilities.
Its Steam Greenlight page can be found here - a playable demo is located on this page.