Guild Wars 2 The Nightmares Within Update Revealed and Trailer

Latest Living World update unleashes new nightmares
Unveiling a new video, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have announced that The Nightmares Within, the next content update for Guild Wars 2, will arrive on November 12th. In The Nightmare Within, players continue the sinister storyline that began in October's Tower of Nightmares release. Having unlocked the secret behind the toxic defences surrounding the monolithic Tower of Nightmares, players now can assault the tower itself. But new dangers, frights and challenges await all who dare enter the stronghold of the Toxic Alliance between the reptilian krait and the Nightmare Court.
To commemorate The Nightmares Within release, ArenaNet is hosting a heavy metal music video contest. Starting today through 26th November at 08:59 CET, players and fans can submit a one-minute music video to "The Nightmares Within" song, available for download at the ArenaNet SoundCloud page at