Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls Video Released

Embark on an epic quest to save Dimiria from the havoc and destruction that besets the kingdom of Andhere Terrae
Softnetix Entertainment today launched a new trailer for Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls, a single-player, action packed RPG based on original fantasy lore written by Dylan Tan and David McCrae. Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls will be released in separate, narrative-driven episodes from the beginning of December. Those who purchase Dimiria from day one will receive all further episodic content for free as soon as it is released.
Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls is a single player, action packed role played game set in the world of Dimiria, a unique land with adventure and danger hidden behind every corner. Rampant with magic and incredible creatures, Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls tells a story about the rise of a group of heroes who, together, set out to save the kingdom in the face of dangers.
You can choose from one of three heroes to play. Each class has its own unique abilities and skills to level up. The game's interface blends traditional RPG elements with the ability to customise not just your hero, but your trusty companions, and even your entire party to suit the needs of each individual mission. You can even assume control of your companions in combat to bring each unit to where they are needed the most. Develop your character by placing points into stats-building and class-specific skill trees.