Luxuria Superbia Released and Trailer

A simple game of touch, pleasure and joy
Releasing a new video, Tale of Tales has announced that Luxuria Superbia, a playful exploration of the concept of pleasure, where you pleasure the game as much as it pleasures you, is out now for iPad, Android tablets, Ouya, Mac and PC. The game consists of twelve tunnels, called flowers, and a hub, the garden. In the garden, you select a flower by turning the dial. When you complete a flower with a high score the next flower is unlocked. A flower starts out white and blank. When you touch the little buds on the tunnel wall of a flower, the color changes. To increase your score, try to stay in the flower as long as possible. The more color, the faster your score will increase.
The color you give to a flower colors the garden too. Each flower is represented by a column of the Temple of Love in the garden. Time spent in a colored flower makes its column grow. The garden starts white and through your play it becomes saturated with color.
A Steam Greenlight page for the game is located here.