Fit Music for Wii U Announced and Screens/Trailer

A new way to fitness
Releasing these screenshots and a video, Oxygene Media announced that Fit Music for Wii U will come to market before the Q4 2013. The game features an user interface, which is designed to be used on GamePad and also allows the user to be able to adopt a completely new approach and engaging, both for managing the entire game and especially for the innovative method of interaction and navigation through the various menus. For example, during Training mode or Fit Dance mode on the GamePad is it possible to check the elapse of the time.
The training programs have been designed by the European Champion of Fitness Patrizia Salviato, an industry professional. She is also the personal trainer in the game and will oversee the activities of the user in every phase of his training. From the beginning the user is followed in a guided tutorial for the creation of the profile through the insertion of some information that will determine the current physical condition and the individual goals.