Contrast Screens 9 November 2013

Dawn and Didi interacting with the 1920s film noir-inspired world
Focus Home Interactive has unveiled four more screenshots from Contrast, a 2D/3D puzzle platformer in which the player can shift between the striking 3D fantasy world into the mysterious 2D shadowscape. In a world full of performance, magic, intrigue and deception, the player takes on the role of Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl, Didi. Every kid's imaginary friend is special, and Dawn is no exception. She has the power to shift from the reality of the vibrant game stage into the shadowy parallel world. Gamers will be challenged to unravel the drama by leveraging light sources and manipulating real-world objects to affect the shadows placement, depth, height and overall weighting to solve mind-bending puzzles.
Developed by Compulsion Games, Contrast will arrive on 15 November 2013 for PC and Xbox 360. The game releases for PS3 on November 19 in U.S. and November 20 in Europe. Contrast will also be available for PS4 on November 15 in U.S., and November 29 in Europe.