Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel Announced and Screens

A brand new upcoming stand-alone for the award-winning series
Matrix Games today announced that Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel, a video game based directly on the original boardgame, will be released on the 20th of November 2013. Developed by Western Civilization Software, the game relives the moments of Operation Citadel, when the German Army tried to overcome the Soviet forces in its major offensive on the Eastern Front in 1943. The clash of the full might of the two warring powers culminated in the largest tank battle in history, outside Prokhorovka, where 900 Soviet tanks charged 600 German panzers to neutralize the German long range advantage. The result cost Germany the strategic initiative and helped turn the war in favor of the Allies.
Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel puts you in command of the fast-paced and fiery firefights of the Battle of Kursk and allows you to make the tactical choices and experience the challenges of this massive and decisive battle. It adds fifteen new firefights, new terrain types, over fifty new units like New AT Guns, Marders, Panzers, troop transports, Panthers, Tigers, T-70's, Grenadier Squads, and much more along with new rules for fighters and sniper units.
Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel is a stand-alone game and doesn't require ownership of Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear. It will also work as an expansion if you already own Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear. Eight screenshots found their way in our gallery.