Wrack Gets Steam Early Access and Screens/Trailer

Battle your way past hordes of monsters, traps, and bosses as you single-handedly take down an invading alien empire, and save mankind from certain doom
Final Boss Entertainment has announced that its cel-shaded FPS Wrack is available now via Steam Early Access. This beta release adds a ton of new features, including a weapon (Bazooka), level (Fusion Plant), enemies (Rail Gun Soldiers), mode (Gallery), and massive graphics and sound effects upgrades.
In the year 2037, scientists at Osteron Research develop the Hyperion generator - a device that allows the creation of matter out of pure energy. Through its conversion of energy into food, clean water, and materials, Hyperion ends all wars and conflicts on Earth - but this peace is short lived. Just thirteen years later, aliens from the Arcturus star system discover the Hyperion Generator - thanks to reconnaissance ships. With Hyperion in their sights as a way to defeat an enemy race, the Arcturans prepare to do what they do best: eradicate all life on Earth and use the Hyperion technology for themselves.
Wrack pits players against the invading Arcturan Empire fusing arcade FPS action with light puzzle-solving. Players must battle through six levels filled with brutal creatures that move at blistering speeds and mechanized monsters programmed to kill on sight. Wrack features large, action-packed levels evoking Doom and Duke Nukem 3D - in addition to elaborate boss battles, stylized levels, and dangerous hazards reminiscent of classics such as Contra and Castlevania.
A batch of screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.