SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Ships and Screens

Build the eorld of tomorrow using plausible future technologies and massive megatowers; destroy it with the all-new disaster
Revealing these two pics, Electronic Arts announced that SimCity Cities of Tomorrow is now available for PC and Mac at retail stores across North America and for digital download on Origin. With this SimCity expansion pack, players have the choice to create a utopian society underpinned by clean technology under the auspices of The Academy, or encourage giant corporation OmegaCo to strip-mine natural resources and pollute in the name of making massive profits.
These new specializations are set against the backdrop of the all-new MegaTowers, massive structures that players build high into the sky and dwarf the rest of the city. With the right balance the MegaTowers become self-sustaining monoliths that cater to all of the needs of the Sims under one roof.
When players have finished deciding whether they want their Sims to live together in harmony, or as members of an exploited workforce, they can rain chaos upon them by unleashing an all-new disaster exclusive to this expansion pack.