Dungeonland Free Admission Edition Released

Adventurers' theme park now offering free admission to deadly attractions
Paradox Interactive today announced that a Free Admission Edition of Dungeonland is available now inviting players to experience a sample of this action-RPG hack 'n' slash developed by Critical Studio. Dungeonland is a cooperative action game that sends three players to a theme park just for heroic adventurers, surviving relentless hordes of friendly staff and stealing loot from all of the gift shops.
In the new Free Admission Edition, Dungeonland's colorful DM Tower stage will be available to all players free of charge, in both normal play and in DM Mode - where one player commands the park and its inhabitants against three "friends" they would like to slaughter. Three additional stages, Cannibal Kingdom, Arcane Kingdom and Infinite Dungeon will be available by purchasing the in-game All-access Pass.
Current owners of Dungeonland will be upgraded to the All-access pass for free, and all existing gift copies of Dungeonland will include the pass as well.