Skies of Fire Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Fly your dragon, dodge incoming fire and retaliate with a range of destructive weapons
Developed by WAR Interactive for PC, Android and iOS, Skies of Fire id a 2.5D, fast paced action shooter that will test your reflexes. The player takes control of a rider and his dragon. Using one of two control schemes (virtual joystick/touchscreen) the user flies the dragon. Tapping anywhere on the screen fires the rider's weapon in the direction of the tap. The dragon can also fire its projectile in the direction it's flying.
The player takes on enemies of varying strength, from archers and catapults to other dragon riders. And enemies can be poisoned and/or set on fire, but watch out; certain enemies can do the same to you.
A Kickstarter campaign page for the game is located here.