Path of Exile Coming to Asia, v1.0.1 Patch Released

Garena Online will launch a separate realm for the Malaysia and Singapore region
Grinding Gear Games announced today that they have partnered with Southeast Asian publisher Garena Online to bring Path of Exile to gamers in Asia. The Closed Beta test started today. This partnership is expected to expose millions of new gamers to Path of Exile while providing a version appropriate to the cultures and languages of these territories. Existing users who already play Path of Exile in areas that Garena will represent are able to continue to play the game on any desired server.
In related news, the v1.0.1 patch is now live, adding a new league, three new microtransaction effects, three new player aura gems and one new support gem, five new unique items, eight new vendor recipes, new achievements, regular video segments from Grinding Gear Games, and dozens of other small enhancements.