Crying is not Enough Unveiled and Trailer

An upcoming third person 3D action adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux, with the option of further expansion into various consoles
Storyline Team has released a trailer for Crying is not Enough, announcing that an Indiegogo campaign for this third person 3D action adventure game is scheduled to start on November 25th. Powered by Unity Engine, Crying is not Enough represents the first part of the Project Chromopolisseries (, which is unfolding in a period of 100 years and splits in 3 different seasons that connect with each other with various Flash Backs & Flash Forwards.
The main character controlled by the player is a 35 year old man, named Jacob. During the game, Jacob will have to encounter humans and mysterious creatures in No man's Land, a parallel Playable world along with the world the Jacob came from. The gameplay consists of solving mysteries and puzzles, fighting with and without guns, and progressing your character while keeping in mind his karma level. The game can treat you in various ways based on how you play it.