Might & Magic X Legacy Second Update Launched and Trailer

Early Access receives second update thanks to players' feedback
Unveiling a new video, Ubisoft announced that the second update for Might & Magic X Legacy, the RPG developed by Limbic Entertainment, a team of devoted Might & Magic fans, is now live. This new update includes the Modding Kit which allows players to actively participate in the development of MMX by proposing their own mods and maps - a very important feature for the Might & Magic community.
Players can now start creating their very own adventures. They will also be able to share their mods with other fans and track down the best ones through a Maps & Mods tab on the Open Development Blog that will be available later this year.
This second update also includes a large list of enhancements based on the players' feedback gathered through the Might & MagicŪ X - Legacy Open Development process. New game options and objects are now available and the game's stability has been greatly improved since more than 150 bugs have been fixed.