Red Blood Coming to Europe

Red Blood will be published across Europe, including the UK, Germany, Spain, and France, with English and German language clients available today announced that will publish in Europe Red Blood, an action MMORPG developed by the Korean company Gorilla Banana and featuring an all-star design team, including Korean legend Tea-Hyung Kim, the original author and artist of the long-running Red Blood comic series as Art Director, and music composed by Jeremy Soule, a multiple award-winning American composer of soundtracks for film, television and video games.
Red Blood is set in the future of Earth, in the aftermath of a devastating global war. Players take the role of a genetically modified mercenary, fighting for one of four factions for glory and fame, but mostly for money, against the backdrop of a world in the middle of an arduous rebuilding process. Red Blood will have five classes available for players to pick from once the Beta testing period starts.
Red Blood makes use of a very fast, targeted combat system, where movement and character control plays a very important part to make the gameplay feel fast and fluid. A unique 'infinite' dungeon design, guild wars, siege wars and open-world PvP set against polished graphics and a rich story combine into an exceptional MMORPG experience. and Gorilla Banana have targeted summer 2014 to have Red Blood live in Europe.