EVE Online: Rubicon Launched

CCP Games released 20th free expansion for most successful Science Fiction MMO of all time
CCP Games announced today that EVE Online: Rubicon, the 20th free expansion to its sci-fi MMO EVE Online, is now live. In EVE Online: Rubicon, pilots wage guerilla-style warfare against other players, raid their controlled space in new ships meant for both exploration and combat, and erode industrial power from deep behind enemy lines by using mobile, player-owned structures that leech resources and provide tactical support.
Rubicon continues where Odyssey left off with new exploration content in the form of Ghost Sites - lucrative and dangerous vaults hidden away in space by the pirate factions of EVE. In addition, the Marauder, Electronic Attack Frigate, Interceptor and Interdictor class hulls headed back to the shipyards for re-engineering and other balancing changes aimed to change the warfare "meta”" for fleets of all sizes.