Carnage Racing Released on Steam

Real time 8-way online multiplayer combat racing arrives on Steam
Jagex today announced that their action racing game Carnage Racing can now be purchased via Steam for 6.99 (GBP), $9.99 (USD) or 8.99 (EURO. A 10% discount is available until the 28th November 2013.
Set on a tropical island raceway packed with hidden paths, boosts, ramps and warp gates, players must outrace their opponents by pulling off audacious stunts and pummel them into last place with an arsenal of deadly weapons. Once drivers have honed their skills in single player they can go to-head with real opponents in the game's online multiplayer mode, enabling them to take on up to seven other gamers from anywhere in the world.
With each race they compete in, players collect prizes and earn hard-fought cash that will help them gain that all-important winning edge. As they progress through the game, drivers can unlock powerful new cars, or trick out their ride with an array of upgradeable items - from more powerful weaponry and performance modifications to a slick new paint job complete with flaming decals.