Galactic Civilizations III Screens 22 November 2013

Pre-orders available exclusively through in celebration of company's historic 20-year anniversary
Stardock sent us the first screenshots from Galactic Civilizations III, the third installment of its PC strategy game series coming exclusively to 64-bit PCs. Galactic Civilizations casts the player as the all-powerful leader of a spacefaring civilization that must explore, expand and colonize new worlds across the galaxy. Dominating rival alien species through technological, economic, political and military prowess tests players' cultural, ideological, and diplomatic skills as they pursue victory via peaceful or belligerent means.
Stardock is offering discounts, early access to the game, and more to fans who join the Founder's program through the official website, available immediately. The $39.99 Founder's Edition includes beta access, $10 off the regular price, and a special forum badge. The $99.99 Founder's Elite Edition gives players all future DLC and expansions for free as they come out, alpha access, their name in the game’s credits, and the right to name a star to appear in-game.