Total War: Rome II Patch 7 Deployed

It will be automatically applied to your game on restarting
Creative Assembly has issued the seventh patch for Total War: Rome II bringing framerate improvements to high-end systems, and substantial gameplay, AI and behavioural improvements, particularly in settlement and siege battles. Among other AI improvements, players will now find the attacking siege AI more active, more likely to employ battering rams against gates, and more conservative in how it commits its generals in gate and wall assaults. It will also use a wider range of units when attempting to burn down gates.
This patch also brings the first in a series of targeted unit rebalances. Among other units, infantry small-arms ranged units and the barbarian Naked Warrior unit have been readdressed. Disciplined units (such as Legionaries and Hoplites) now have a Formed Attack ability, which keeps them ordered in melee, and all units now hold formation much better.
The changelog can be found on this page.