Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos Demo Released and Kickstarter Campaign Underway

JTG is a blend of the personalities of one of sci-fi's most loved series into one of the greatest journeys ever told: The Quest for the Golden Fleece
DreamFever has released a playable demo for Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos, a new take on the old-school point and click adventure games inspired by titles like Monkey Island, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Discworld and the Hector Badge of Carnage series. It's a 2D extravaganza with you taking charge as Jason The Greek in a world of myths, legends, demi-Gods and puns galore.
The story plays out with Jason washed up on the shore of a deserted island on his way to Lemnos after he is knocked by a freak wave from the prow of the Argo. Players must find a way off of the island by solving puzzles, finding and combining random items in order to achieve new goals.
A Kickstarter campaign page for the game is located here.