Guild Wars 2 Fractured Update Launched and Screens

NCSOFT and ArenaNet introduced a variety of improvements to the Fractals of the Mists, a never-ending series of dungeons that get harder as you progress
Releasing these five screenshots, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have announced that Fractured, the latest content update for Guild Wars 2, is now live. Fractured will allow players to re-explore great moments from Tyria's past and test their battle skills in this infinitely challenging series of dungeons. Among the improvements made in this release are three new fractals, including one voted on by players in July's Cutthroat Politics release, and two new boss fractals.
Additionally, the Fractals have received a difficulty update to present more variety and challenge to skilled players at high difficulty levels. To top it off, a major reward revamp makes Fractals runs more gratifying than ever before at every difficulty level.