Domino Arena Released and Screens/Trailer

Domino Arena challenges players to think and act quickly in a party game playable with friends
Gamieon today announced that Domino Arena, a title that follows a line of popular games which include Hamster Chase, Hyperspace Pinball and Tiltz, is now available for the PC and mobile tablet device. Domino Arena is a competitive game where players must paint as as many radiantly jeweled dominoes their color as possible while their opponents attempt to do the same. In each level is a path of falling dominoes, each one colored by the player who owns that domino. When dominoes fall onto other dominoes, they become the same color. Players have only a minute to make as many dominoes their color as possible by creating new paths for them to fall, and by blocking paths that their opponent is using.
When not playing against the computer, a player can compete against up to three other people around the web on GameJolt and Kongregate, or around the kitchen table with the upgraded edition on the iPad or Android tablet.
Six pics and a video have been added in our download section.