HistWar: Napoleon Unveiled and Trailer

Relive epic battles where more than two hundred thousand cavalrymen, infantrymen, artillerymen and their canons clash on huge battlefields of 200 km2
HistWar Games has revealed that HistWar: Napoléon, the sequel to Histwar: Les Grognards, will arrive on December 2nd featuring completely new graphics and a campaign mode, which will add a strategic layer showcasing the art of troop concentration to win battles. A mix of wargame and simulation, this PC game will allow you to impersonate an army commander of the Napoleonic era and fight your opponents on the different theaters of operation spanning across Europe.
Histwar: Napoléon will include a campaign editor allowing theaters of operation of 1000 km per side. You can place your corps, concentrate your troops and engage the enemy on a battlefield of your choosing. You will then go from strategist to tactician as your order your marshals to implement the plan that you have conceived.
Eight screenshots and a video have been added in our download area.