Huntsmen Kickstarter Campaign Underway

An FPSRPG set in a post apocalyptic Australian landscape where the goal is to survive an ever changing environment and its inhabitants
Developed by Hermit Mode, Huntsmen is an FPS/RPG hybrid focusing on exploration, combat and the manipulation of the evolving ecosystem inhabiting the gameworld. Set in a post apocalyptic vision of the remnants of a coastal Australian inspired city, it will include densely packed urban areas, scattered around a mixture of bush land, desert, beach and underwater landscapes. With the decline in human activity, previously assumed extinct animals have once again flourished and now roam the landscape at will.
The landscape will be ripe for exploration, with dynamic elements and unlockable areas that are guarded by environmental puzzles. Combat will range from brutal melee to intense fire fights between groups, with both craftable weapons along with traditional firearms being available. Limited resources change the nature of the gameplay periodically. There is also an element of survival that pushes the player to scavenge for items and food. Other game play options exist in the form of cultivation of fruits and vegetables, fishing and hunting.
Its Kickstarter campaign page is located here.