Mafia Trainer +19

Courtesy of Fairlight
The following keys are available in-game ONLY: 0. F12 show/hide in-game trainer menu 1. F11 unlimited health 2. F10 unlimited teammate/passenger health 3. F9 unlimited ammo 4. F8 instant kills 5. F7 no damage recorded 6. F6 unlimited fuel 7. F4 unlimited time 8. F3 instant destruction 9. F2 no police 10. 0 always win race 11. 9 1 lap race 12. 1 cycle weapon slot 1 13. 2 cycle weapon slot 2 14. 3 cycle weapon slot 3 15. 4 cycle weapon slot 4 16. 5 cycle weapon slot 5 17. 6 cycle coat weapon 18. 7 cycle item 19. 8 unlimited cash
Notes: - all options can be toggled on/off by repeatedly pressing the assigned key. - be very careful if you activate instant kills (option 4) - any damage you inflict will kill anybody. That is, if you crash the car, you will kill your passengers, too! This also overrides the 'unlimited passenger health' option (2), so having that enabled will not help... - enabling the 'no damage recorded' option will allow your car to take no engine damage, no matter how hard you crash. However, the wheels and other parts *can* still be broken. This option is very useful in missions where you have to avoid any crashing, since your 'damage' will stay at 0 all the time. Drawback: the other cars don't take damage either, but we think the option is very useful for staying alive. - the 'instant destruction' option (8) is useful in missions where you have to destroy something, for example the 'Molotov Party' mission. Just hit the cars once with the baseball, and the damage bar will go to the max. - 'no police' (option 9) will stop the cops from chasing you, though a police icon may appear, in which case you don't need to worry. - the race-related options (10 and 11) obviously apply only to the race level. The first will make you win the race no matter what place you are when you finish, while the second will make the race have a single lap instead of the normal five. - the weapon & inventory options only work if you open the inventory at least once before using them - this must be done in every mission you want to use them in. Additionally, if you keep the inventory open and use any of these options you will not see any effect; you must close and then reopen the inventory to see the changes. Repeatedly pressing any of these keys will change the weapon/item in the corresponding slot. - the unlimited cash option is for the 'free ride' mode. Do everything that would give you money (destroy a car for example) and you will get a ton of them. Download : Mafia Trainer +19