Arcane Chronicles Unveiled

Dark fantasy MMORPG takes players to a new adventure in 2014
Nexon Europe today revealed Arcane Chronicles, a browser-based, free-to-play MMORPG that encompasses a vast world with over 30 painted field maps including over 10 deadly dungeons, and a number of features designed to improve player interaction. The game promises a wide range of multi-user content, with various PvP content, Boss Raid, Guild Castle Siege and Mercenary System to take part in. Asynchronous duel ensures interaction with other players even when they are not playing, and one can hire offline friends as mercenaries to receive assistance when required.
Players can select one of three different classes in the game to take on over 300 different monster types. Three skill trees are available for each class, with the ability for characters to switch skill trees mid-game at a small cost. Other features include gamble dungeon where you may win unique quests and rewards, crystal generator to enhance your weaponry and systems such as meditation and auto-hunt mode to allow a character to gain experience even when not actually playing.
The game will be serviced in English, German, Italian and French and can be easily accessed through any internet browser, using a new or existing Nexon Europe account.