Halfbrick Released Band Stars

This is Halfbrick’s first foray into the simulation genre
Halfbrick today announced that Band Stars, a collaborative project with fellow Aussie developer Six Foot Kid, is available for free exclusively as a universal download on the App Store. Band Stars invites music and management lovers around the world to recruit rockers, record hit songs and grow a legion of fans.
Players jump in by choosing their band members from a small initial group, and hit the studio indie-style. Each rocker has unique stats and abilities, so this will come into play when choosing the style and genre of music to record. Choosing the right band members to play each instrument, who should lay down a solo, and especially who will mix the final track are all very important choices which affects the overall song quality. However, there are no penalties for experimentation, and exploring the nuances of studio management will reap rich rewards.
As each song continues to climb higher in the charts, the fans will begin to gather and new expansion opportunities arise. Up to 50 characters can be unlocked, new gear and instruments can be obtained for the studio, and the cash will begin to flow. Making the most of every opportunity will shoot even the quirkiest band into international stardom.