Beekyr Released and Screens

The adventure of a bee seeking revenge for the death of his queen and hive
Developed by KaleidoGames for Windows, Android and iOS, Beekyr a classic shoot'em up format with power-ups, bosses and many different kinds of enemies. Set in the insect kingdom, players have to guide Beekyr through 23 treacherous levels, 5 of which are secret. The environment has been produced in detail to show the scale and give depth, with flowers that are larger than the player, hives that seem like planetary caves and trees that never seem to end.
Levels are in 2 different formats: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal levels work in a classic R-type format, scrolling from left to right. Vertical levels require the player to collect pollen by killing enemies, which then fill up a pollen count bar. There is a mini boss at the top of the screen who can only be defeated by filling up the pollen bar within the time limit.
Thirteen screenshots found their way in our gallery.