DUST 514 1.7 Update Released and Screens

Innovative weapons, an overhauled vehicle system, a fiery new battlefield mood and major changes to Factional Warfare
CCP Games today issued a new update for DUST 514, their hybrid MMO/FPS set within the EVE universe. Uprising 1.7 brings new and powerful weapons to the battlefield. The Minmatar Combat Rifle is a gas-operated, short-barreled semi-automatic weapon that is well-suited to both short and medium range combat, and the Caldari Rail Rifle is a precision weapon designed for field operations where power and range are critical.
In addition, the development team has overhauled the vehicle system for better handling and implemented a new process for streamlining vehicle fitting. Also, the ever-expanding battle zones of New Eden now feature a new volcanic mood, adding more diversity and variety to the maps of DUST 514. Mercenaries will battle for dominance as volcanos spew magma in the distance and the ash-choked sky rains debris on the battlefield.
Three fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.