Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Final DLC Packs Released

Awaken your seventh sense with God Cloth Seiya, Bronze Saint Plain Cloth Set & Bronze Saint Final Bronze Cloth Original Color Set
Developed by Dimps for PS3, Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers is a fighting game that will feature an all-star cast of characters from one of the most beloved and well received Japanese anime franchises. The first DLC from this batch is God Cloth Seiya - Original Cloth; with this exclusive Cloth, players will enjoy all of Seiya's moves. In addition, thanks to the Bronze Saint Plain Cloth Set, Saint Seiya fans will embody Seiya, Shun, Hyoga, Ikki and Shiryu in their Plain Clothes. The 3rd DLC set, Bronze Saints Final Bronze Cloth Original Color Set, contains Seiya and his close friends, the Bronze Saints, in their Original Cloth.