League of Angels Open Beta Test Begins

The game combines fast paced turn-based combat with hand drawn art
GTArcade today announced the start of the open beta testing for their new browser-based MMORPG, League of Angels. In addition to a normal party of heroes, League of Angels requires players to bring their very own angel into battle with them. Each angel supports the party with various buffs and attacks, making them less a member of your party, and more of a honed weapon.
Thanks to all the player feedback received from Closed Beta, the League of Angels dev team implemented over 50 bug fixes and improvements, guaranteeing a smooth user experience for Open Beta players. Additionally, they added several new features to the game like Quiz and World Boss. The quiz is held daily from 13:00 to 13:30 EST. During the quiz, you and your fellow players will answer a series of questions, in exchange for gold and rare items. The World Boss event is essentially the biggest raid party in history. Every day, at 19:00 EST, players will be invited to battle a series of bosses. Each player will be rewarded gold according to how much damage they dealt, while the top 3 players will earn special prizes for their performance.