Bedlam Announced and Screens

From 80s platform games to modern day shooters: Bedlam set to hit Steam in 2014
Unveiling these screenshots, UK developer RedBedlam announced Bedlam, a first-person shooter written in collaboration with the acclaimed Scottish novelist Christopher Brookmyre. Christopher Brookmyre has written 18 critically acclaimed novels and won numerous awards for his works, also appearing regularly on primetime radio and TV.
Developed in association with Standfast Interactive, the generation-spanning FPS mirrors the events from the book, which will be published in paperback on January 21st 2014 (the hardback released in February 2013 to critical acclaim). The plot sees the player, a regular man with a regular job, subjected to a variety of tests only to wake in a videogame world in which he is not in fact the mythical hero so often seen in gaming, but a grunt designed purely to be cannon fodder for someone else. In attempting to find out how this has happened and what strange space he is in, the player progresses through a variety of familiar gaming worlds, relentlessly pursued by an enigmatic predator, an organisation known as Integrity that will be rid of him at all costs.
The Bedlam game is set to appear on Steam in the summer of 2014.