GOG.com 2013 Winter Promo Begins

Fallout 1, 2, and Fallout Tactics available for free for PC and Mac
GOG.com today launched their 2013 DRM-free Winter Sale, which kicked off with a classical offering: the celebrated forefathers of today's post-apocalyptic RPGs-Fallout 1,2, and Fallout Tactics-will be available for free for the first 48 hours of the Winter Promo. As the rights for this celebrated franchise are changing hands at the end of the year, GOG.com will no longer be able to sell the titles, although they will remain on users' shelves if they already own them
Additionally, more than 600 games from GOG.com's catalog will get a 50% discount until the promo finale on 29 December at 13:59 GMT.